Joining the Yakezie Challenge

The Yakezie Challenge is a 6 month endeavor to make strong relationships with other bloggers and selflesslt promote others. As of today Free Ticket to Japan is joining the Yakezie challenge. In order to be admitted we have to drop our Alexa rank down to the top 200,000 websites on the web. Alexa ranks 30 million websites worldwide. to break the top 200,000 is no easy feat.

Today our Alexa ranking is 1 880 109 and we will work on dropping this below 200,000 within the 6 month time period. To do this we will submit to carnivals, comment on other blogs and work to promote other blogs.

The Yakezie is the web’s largest personal finance and lifestyle blog network.  We started in December of 2009, and have since grown to be a mainstay force in the personal finance world.  We strive to optimize reader’s personal finances and allow people to lead better lives.  We are over 80 Members strong of individual voices, individual owners and different opinions who have all gone through a 6-month Challenge to join the network.  Only the finest blogs who we have developed relationships with are admitted.

Please continue to visit to help us drop our rank!



  1. Jai Catalano says:


  2. Howdy! Pls tell me about this Free Ticket To Japan theme you have?

    Thx, Sam

  3. Forest Parks says:

    Welcome, your Alexa will be down in no time!

  4. Great site. Looks excellent. I’ll be chugging alongside you in the challenge (hopefully I can keep up).

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