New Technology in Japan

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Western manufacturers and designers are battling to take over to mobile web industry; however, while they are doing this, Japan has an upper hand with their innovative devices and web applications. As it relates to technology, experts in the industry believe that Japan is approximately five years in the lead of the Western world. Although the Western manufacturers have made a step towards recent technological advances, every day the gap continues to widen.

Next Generation Phones

Even though the Japan is ahead of the rest of the world in the mobile market, some believe that the phone market in the country is shrinking. Currently, Japan has approximately thirty different models of Android phones; additionally, there are quite a number of persons who are purchasing the iPhone. Furthermore, there are a number of Japanese phone companies that have launched quite a number of Android and iPhone applications, which makes the market very competitive. There is no doubt that people are now looking for the next generation of small phones and smart phones are in great demand with online music capabilities, and Japan seems to be the best place where they can get their hands on these new generation small phones.

japanese iphone

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Not only does the new technology in Japan involve the new generation phones, but they also involve cameras. The digital cameras that are being made in Japan today are more technologically advanced than those that are being manufactured in the Western world. There are quite a number of camera manufacturers that are taking the market by storm, and Samsung is leading the pack both in the development of their small phones and cameras.

There is no doubt that the Japanese mobile industry is very advanced; however, its cameras and small phones actually set apart its local market from the mobile market of the rest of the world. For instance, there are hundreds of Japanese iPhone mobile applications that can be found on the Japanese App Store; however, more than fifty percent of these applications can actually be downloaded on App Stores that are non-Japanese (even those with English interfaces).

There are some technology experts that are suggesting that, due to the fact that the new generation cameras and small phones are in great demand in various countries around the world, that maybe for the very first time the Japanese mobile market and the global mobile market on the same level. However, every day there has been more advances in the Japanese mobile industry, which still puts it ahead of the global mobile market. Furthermore, the features of these new generations of small phones and cameras are nothing like the features of the similar devices made by Western manufacturers.

Can you say global mobile market 3 times fast? :)
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